What Is Lymphatic Massage?

12 November 2020
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Your lymph nodes are a crucial part of your immune system. When your body detects an infection, white blood cells are sent to the site of the infection to fight off bacteria or viruses. White blood cells are produced in your lymph nodes. Lymphatic fluid carries these beneficial cells throughout your body.

However, when you have an active infection, the lymph nodes near the site of the infection may swell as they become more active. This inflammation may be caused by an excess of lymphatic fluid that is draining improperly. Lymphatic massage can encourage that fluid to circulate and ultimately drain. Here are four things you should know about lymphatic massage:

1. It is performed using light pressure.

Lymphatic massage uses light pressure to encourage swollen lymph nodes to release their fluid. Unlike other common forms of massage therapy that aim to manipulate your muscles, lymphatic massage primarily affects your skin. To that end, your massage therapist will use a gentle touch during this treatment. If you experience discomfort during your lymphatic massage, feel free to speak up and ask your massage therapist to adjust their technique.

2. It is performed by specially trained massage therapists.

Lymphatic massage is typically performed by massage therapists who have specifically studied this technique. Lymphatic massage practitioners can help your body heal itself. They understand the best way to encourage your body to drain its excess fluid while refraining from massaging injured or infected body parts.

3. It can relieve pain and swelling.

Lymphatic massage can relieve the symptoms of many chronic conditions. For example, people with arthritis often deal with chronic inflammation. Lymphatic massage can ease swelling at the joints, leading to a decrease in arthritis pain. This type of massage can also help people who are struggling with edema, also known as fluid retention. When your lymphatic fluid is circulating freely, your body will be better able to shed excess water. Lymphatic drainage massage can benefit people who experience pain that is resistant to pain-relieving medication.

4. You should hydrate before and after your massage.

Lymphatic drainage massage will help your body circulate lymphatic fluid. However, this process can be hindered if you're dehydrated. Encourage your body to drain lymphatic fluid and eliminate toxins by drinking lots of water before and after your massage. Urine is one way your body can eliminate waste. When you're well-hydrated, your body can excrete dead white blood cells, toxins, and lymph fluid more efficiently.

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