Adhesion, Pain, And Deep Tissue Massage

8 September 2019
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Deep tissue massage therapy is an effective way to reduce chronic pain and help inflammation. When you have pain, stiffness, and swelling that is chronic, you can develop adhesion that make it difficult for your tissue to heal. Deep tissue massage therapy works to break up adhesion, allowing for better circulation in your muscles and soft tissue. Circulation improves healing and decreases pain. A deep tissue massage is somewhat like a traditional massage, yet the strokes are slower and there is more pressure. The goal is to improve the blood flow in your muscles and help any tightly contracted muscles to relax. When you get a deep tissue massage, your body is going to be better able to heal from pain.

Deep Tissue Massage and Pain Tolerance

While a massage that reaches your deep tissue might be uncomfortable at times, it shouldn't be painful. If the pressure your massage therapist is using is causing you pain, let your therapist know. Deep tissue massage can be effective with lighter pressure, and it's important to let your therapist know if there is pain. If you allow your therapist to continue despite discomfort, you may have some muscle soreness after the massage.

Breaking Up Adhesion

Adhesion refers to the tight bands of tissue that form because of chronic stress to the muscle and tissue. Adhesion have poor circulation, and are often a reason you are experiencing pain. A deep tissue massage can break up adhesion and allow your body to heal naturally. When blood flow to a painful area is improved, the tissue is going to heal. If your range of motion is limited because of tissue adhesion, a deep tissue massage is going to help increase your mobility. 

Tight Muscles and Your Deep Tissue Massage

The goal of a deep tissue massage is to get to your deeper layers of musculature. Once your therapist is able to relax your top layers of muscle, work can begin on the layers beneath. If your muscles are particularly tight, it may take more than one session for you to feel the full effects of what deep tissue massage can do to heal your body.

If you are struggling with pain, range of motion problems and mobility, it's time to see how a deep tissue massage can help. Work with your therapist, and let them know when the pressure is too much. Get the help you deserve and get moving again.