What To Look For In A Massage Therapy School

28 May 2019
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So you want to go to massage therapy school. There are so many available that you could even go to school online, but which one is best for you? Do you choose the school that has the most classes, charges the cheapest tuition, or is closest to where you live?

It's hard to select a therapeutic massage college when there are so many to choose from. Which one is best for you? Use this guide to help you decide which type of massage school is best for you so you can make an educated decision about your needs and feel great about the school you eventually do choose.


From online colleges to those you can attend right down the street, only consider the massage therapy schools that carry some type of national accreditation. You only want to go to a therapeutic massage college who will be able to give you a legitimate degree that your location will honor. If any college you are considering cannot provide proof of being accredited, then pass them by, no matter how tempting. While this may be more common in online schools, use the same judgment and scrutiny for brick-and-mortar schools as you would with an online college.

Offered classes

What type of massage therapy do you want to get into? You want to choose a college that will be able to give you the classes you actually want to take. You don't want to go to a massage therapy school if it doesn't carry the type of studies you want to get into, such as equine therapy, holistic health, or essential oils. If you do want to take specialty courses and you don't see them listed with your college, speak to your guidance counselor. They can help you make your college choice decision.

Financial aid

Whether you can afford to pay for all of your college courses or you need help with payments, you need to select a massage therapy school that offers financial aid. This is an aid program backed by the government to help lower-income students pay for college. The amount you get depends on your current family and financial status, but it can help you get through school without worrying so much about money. Speak to your college counselor about financial aid to make sure it's offered when you are looking at therapeutic massage schools. The right school will be able to meet most or all of your needs.