How Can Physical Therapy Help With Your Chronic Pain From An Auto Accident?

5 August 2018
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After getting into an auto accident, you may experience chronic back, neck, and leg pain throughout the day. Living with such pain all the time likely makes it a challenge for you to do anything, whether you are sitting down, standing up, riding in a vehicle, riding a bicycle, or trying to get from one place to the next. If you are not sure how to cope with the pain and get some relief, physical therapy is a great way to get started. A physical therapist can help you improve your range of motion while relieving some of the pain you are feeling.

Massage Therapy

A physical therapist may be able to provide massage therapy services to certain areas of the body that are in the most pain. A gentle massage works in such a way to relieve some of the pain, release tension, and get the blood circulating throughout the body. While you are receiving the massage, you may feel more at ease and relaxed than before. While a single massage will not eliminate all the pain you are feeling, receiving massages regularly from a physical therapist could make a significant improvement in the way you feel, helping to reduce some of the pain.

Range of Motion Exercises

Aside from providing gentle massages to relieve pain and help you relax, a physical therapist will work with you on your range of motion so that you can focus on moving different parts of your body without experiencing as much pain as you normally have ever since the accident occurred. While moving the joints may be slightly painful, continuing to do the range of motion exercises regularly will eventually help you relieve some of that pain. Some of the different exercises may include extending your arms forward, extending your legs forward, rotating your neck from one side to the other, performing neck extensions, and doing other gentle and repetitive exercises.

If you were in an accident that left you injured and in a lot of pain that is not going away, physical therapy could be exactly what you need to get some relief. A physical therapist can perform a gentle massage on the parts of your body that hurt the most while helping you with your range of motion through a series of simple yet effective exercises where you will need to move the joints around instead of keeping them still. With help from a physical therapist over the next few weeks or months, you may eventually feel a lot better.

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