Learning The Art Of Cai Bei For Couples Massage: Why You Both Need Training

17 March 2018
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Cai Bei is the Chinese art of massage where another person very carefully walks on your back and kneads your flesh with heels and toes. It is a deep pressure massage that feels good, especially if you have a lot of stress and pain in your back. However, it takes time to learn, and couples should not attempt to perform this type of massage without taking a couples massage class on Cai Bei. Here is why.

There Is Only One Right Way to Do Cai Bei

Most people falsely assume that this type of massage just requires that your partner walks on your back. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Cai Bei takes the weight of the "back walker" into account. Someone over two hundred pounds is likely to fracture your ribs and ribcage, killing you in the process.

For example, if your mate weighs 300+ pounds and you are 102 pounds dripping wet, your partner could crush you trying to give you a back massage. At this point, you could learn to do Cai Bei on your partner, but he/she would have to learn a different form of couples massage to give you the same relaxing "treat." Anyone who is of the "big and tall" persuasion should never perform Cai Bei on a petite or lighter-in-weight partner. 

You Want to Reduce the Risks While Increasing the Benefits

To remove this danger, a set of poles or ropes are installed overhead, while you lay prone on a semi-hard surface. Your partner must use the poles or ropes to pull up, lift up, and bear his or her weight to keep most of his/her weight off of your back. This is done by holding onto the poles or ropes and pulling up to lightly step onto your back and remain slightly aloft as he/she walks on your back.

You Must Be Certified to Reduce the Risks of Injury

Even if you weigh less than the average adult should weigh, most Asian massages utilize very petite women for Cai Bei to reduce the risks of injury. As couples massage, you need to find out how to do this correctly and apply the right amount of weight to avoid hurting your partner. Most professional Cai Bei masseuses have to become certified in this technique before they are allowed to perform it, and you and your mate have to pass the certification process too before you can do this at home.

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