4 Massage Myths Keeping People From Experiencing The Wonders Of A Massage

8 August 2017
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There are many misconceptions and preconceived notions people have when it comes to massage. If these myths are keeping you from reaping the benefits of massage, you're doing yourself a disservice. Don't let these myths keep you away from a beneficial massage:

Myth 1 - Massage Is Painful, or Requires Pain to Work

It's true some massage techniques can cause some slight discomfort at the very start, especially for any extra tense joints and muscles. However, a massage should not hurt. Pain is the opposite of what a massage will do for you.

Since there's a vast number of massage techniques out there, from deep tissue massage to Swedish massages, you may have to find the one that brings you the most comfort. But understand that comfort, relaxation, and healing is what should come from your massage. You should not expect pain.

Myth 2 - You're Supposed to Feel Sore after a Massage

Soreness isn't a normal aftereffect of massage. This particular myth does hold a little bit of truth to it. Soreness can occur for people new to massage, or people who aren't normally active.

As previously mentioned, those joints and muscles may need some extra work when you start. That can cause some soreness as your joints and muscles become accustomed to movement again.

This soreness isn't debilitating, and it's not the kind of soreness that will make you unable to function. It's a mild irritant at best and will subside as your body grows accustomed to movement. Drinking water after your massage can help ease any residual soreness that remains after your session.

Myth 3 - Pregnant Women Cannot Get Massages

For some reason, many people believe pregnancy means they cannot receive a massage. Maybe you heard massage induces labor. Maybe you heard massage can cause some type of harm.

The truth of the matter is that massage is a benefit to pregnant women. It can ease the stresses that pregnancy puts on their bodies. It can help alleviate some of the pains that come with carrying a child.

Myth 4 - Massage is Only Good for One Thing

One of the biggest misconceptions concerning massage is that it's only good for one thing. What that one thing is will vary depending on the person. Some think it's only good for relaxing, or for stress. Some people believe only athletes can benefit from massage. Even some others think it's a luxury good for nothing more than pampering oneself.

The truth is massage can work for all of those things and a lot more. It can help to relax you; it definitely can relieve stress. If you're involved in sports or a lot of physical activity, then massage can help to maintain and heal muscles after an activity or game.

Massage can help with mental acuity, and remove the source of headaches. If you're curious, do some research on massage. Speak to a licensed professional about setting up an appointment to see for yourself what massage can do for you.

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