Reasons To Offer Chair Massages As An Employee Benefit

7 August 2017
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If you're looking for an employee perk that will make your staff happy and improve productivity too, then you should offer chair massage. A massage therapist can bring a chair to your office on a set schedule so your employees can have a relaxing treatment during a break. Here are some of the benefits of offering this service to your employees.

A Chair Massage Is Quick

You employees will obtain the benefits of a massage in a shorter amount of time. All that's necessary is to sit in the chair. There is no need to change clothes or use a private room. It won't take away from work time since the massage can be done during a break or lunch period. A massage is a great way to break up a long work day, even if the massage is just five or ten minutes long.

Massage Relieves Stress And Tension

A massage relieves both physical and mental stress. The few minutes of relaxation can be enough to put your employee in a better state of mind so there is less tension in the office. Plus, a massage relieves the tension that builds up in muscles because of stress. This helps your staff feel more physical ease too.

Employees Feel Pampered

A massage is a nice treat that makes your employees feel valued and pampered. It's a perk that benefits mental, emotional, and physical well-being so it's more appreciated than donuts and coffee. Offering massages in the office is a great way to establish goodwill with the staff.

A Chair Massage Relieves Strain And Pain

If your employees sit at a desk all day, they are at risk of strain and muscle fatigue. This leads to neck and back pain and could even cause them to miss days of work. A massage improves blood flow to the back and neck to keep the muscles healthy and to help heal strains and injuries. It also loosens tension knots in the muscles which could result in less pain in the back or neck from poor posture while seated all day.

Massages Could Increase Office Productivity

When your employees are happy and less tense, they are more likely to perform better at work. Plus, if they feel reinvigorated after a massage or feel freedom from pain and soreness, they will be more productive. Regular massages for your staff could result in better productivity for your office and less strife among workers.

Consider bringing a massage therapist into your office so you and your employees can enjoy these benefits. With a portable massage chair, the therapist can give the treatments in any location you choose.