How To Get Baby-Soft Feet

27 July 2017
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With summer here and open toe shoes the go-to choice for footwear each and every day, you may want to think about giving your feet some extra pampering. Your tootsies are getting some wear and tear in those sandals, seeing everything from dirt, grass, asphalt, sand and just about anything else. Your feet could use some extra love to get them soft and pretty again, to massage, detox and even to relieve some stress. You can do this by visiting a professional spa, such as Body Sense, and get the full treatment, or you can DIY it to save a little time and money. If the later is your choice, see below for some pampering ideas to get your feet baby soft.

Start With A Foot Bath

Give your feet a good soak using a foot spa. You can get one that massages your feet with bubbles and jets, or using just a plain foot bath. Add warm water (not too hot or too cold), enough to cover your feet and some of your ankle. Add some Epsom salt to the bath to help detox your feet and soothe your feet. You can add other things to your foot bath as well such as some essential oil drops (lavender or peppermint work well to relieve stress). Sit in a comfortable chair and allow your feet to soak in the bath for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Massage And Scrub Your Feet

Give your feet a massage by rubbing your toes, foot pads, heels and ankles using your fingers and thumbs, applying just enough pressure to alleviate pain and to relieve stress. Scrub your feet with a pumice stone to get rid of hard spots and dead skin. Pay special attention to your heels, behind toes and the sides of your feet that see the most wear and tear. Scrub them until you no longer feel the hard spots.

Apply Oil And Lotion

Apply some baby oil or you can use essential oils. Add the oil to your hands and continue massaging your feet, ankles and even your calves. This can help heal tired muscles, while also moisturizing your skin. Massage the oil into your skin, then use a washcloth soaked in hot water to wipe away some of the oil. Next, take lotion and apply it to your skin, massaging it into the skin on your feet and legs. 

When finished, you should be left with baby soft feet. Finish off your beautiful feet with some pretty nail polish to showcase your tootsies while wearing those open toed shoes. Take good care of your feet throughout the summer season (and in winter too). Use a foot spa to alleviate your sore muscles, relieve stress, and soften your feet.