Use Deep Tissue Massage Techniques To Relieve A Headache

20 July 2017
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Deep tissue massage can relieve the pain of a headache, even a migraine headache. Deep tissue massage features slow strokes, deep finger pressure, and the stimulation of blood flow to your muscles. Here are some ways that you can massage your own head, neck, and shoulder muscles to relieve a headache:

Stretch Your Muscles:  Before you begin your massage, stretch your neck and shoulder muscles by raising your chin and letting your head fall back toward your spine. Slowly stretch your neck muscles toward your back and then stretch your neck from side to side. Drop your head toward your chest and slowly stretch your neck muscles toward your chest and then stretch your neck from side to side. Next, take your left hand and reach across to the right side of your head and pull your head toward your left shoulder.  Repeat this move with your right hand and your left shoulder.

Massage Your Head:  Place both hands on your head just above your front hairline with your fingers spread apart. Start massaging your head by gently moving your fingertips and thumbs in a circular motion on your scalp. Move your fingertips from the top of your head down toward your ears and neck. Repeat the same motion again but press harder and deeper with your fingertips to get a deep tissue massage. Move your hands and fingers back from your front hairline to the crown of your head and massage your scalp muscles from the top of your head to your neck. Move your fingers in a circular motion gently at first and then deeper and stronger. Move your hands and fingers to the back of your head and, starting at the crown of your head, massage your scalp muscles gently and then deeply toward your neck. Once you have massaged your scalp muscles, use your fingers to pull and release your hair over your entire head. Finish your scalp massage by placing both of your hands on either side of your head and slowly stroking your scalp with one smooth motion from your ears to the top of your head.

Massage Your Neck:  Place both hands on both sides of your neck with your fingertips next to your spine. Compress and release your neck muscles at the bottom of your neck and slide your hands to the top of your neck. Next, place your hands on your neck in the same position and pull your neck muscles from your spine to the front of your neck toward your throat. Take your left hand and deeply massage the muscles of the right side of your neck in circular motions. Repeat this massage with your right hand on the muscles of the left side of your neck. If you feel any stiffness or pain, repeat these neck massages.

Massage Your Shoulders:  Stroke your shoulder muscles lightly to warm and loosen them. With both hands, squeeze and release your shoulder muscles while you press your fingertips deeply into your muscles. Do this from the top to the bottom of your shoulders. Breathe deeply as you massage your shoulders. Next, tap your shoulder muscles with your fists or open hands and then roll your shoulders toward your chest. Repeat this motion by rolling your shoulders toward your back. Do this shoulder roll several times.

Stretch Your Muscles:  After you have given yourself a deep tissue massage, stretch your neck and shoulder muscles again as you did before you began. End your final stretch by moving your head in a circular clockwise motion and then in a circular counter clockwise motion several times. Take deep breaths as you finish your massage and relax your shoulders each time as you exhale.

Repeat these deep tissue massage techniques several times during the day to get continued pain relief. With deep tissue massage, you can get rid of your headache and resume your activities without pain.